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Country Westerns EP

Country Westerns EP

Country Westerns

  • Country Westerns EP $ 14.50

The songs for the Country Westerns EP were recorded in the garage practice-space at drummer Brian Kotzur's house, a place that has served as home for Country Westerns since their beginnings. The band's self-titled debut record was released three months into the pandemic, and without a release show, tour, or any of the usual fanfare that come with new tunes, the band set out to stay active by getting together a couple times a week to work on new songs and learn covers for fun. Kotzur began working on building a recording setup in the practice space, and over the course of several months of playing and experimenting, a handful of favorites and a new original emerged. "Come Down" (Country Westerns), "A Miss of You" (Dead Moon), and "Wall of Death" (Richard and Linda Thompson) were all recorded mostly live, in keeping with the spirit of the band, while "Undeleteable" (Jad Fair and Norman Blake) was recorded later and over the course of several small sessions to allow extra space. The collection of songs brings more of the raw energy, melodic rhythms, and vocal harmonies that people connected with on their debut record, while simultaneously expanding the band's palette by introducing a home studio, marimbas, piano, and different sides of their sound.


Track List

  1. Come Down (Country Westerns)
  2. A Miss of You (Dead Moon)
  3. Wall of Death (Richard & Linda Thompson)
  4. Undeletable (Jad Fair and Norman Blake)