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The Year of Hibernation

The Year of Hibernation

Youth Lagoon

Released: 09/27/2011

Catalog #: FP1255

  • CD $ 9.00 - $ 12.00
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  • Cassette $ 5.25 - $ 7.00
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Youth Lagoon released its debut album The Year of Hibernation in September of 2011. Youth Lagoon is the brain child of twenty-two year old Trevor Powers. The reference to hibernation in the album title is attributed to Trevor's feeling of awaking after the worst year of his life.  The album was met with glowing reviews. All Music gave the record a four out of five stars and Pitchfork gave it a 8.4/10. 

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1. Posters

2. Cannons

3. Afternoon

4. 17

5. July

6. Daydream

7. Montana

8. The Hunt

9. Bobby

10. Ghost to Me