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1st Bath

Avid Dancer

04/14/2015 | GJ0003
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Release Description

“This album for me has been all about honesty – with myself and about myself” Summers says reflecting on how his vast array of experiences have come together to shape his songwriting. Blogs started raving about early Avid Dancer demos, and they also caught the ear of noted producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Ferraby Lionheart). Together, Summers and Richards began recording the Avid Dancer songs that would eventually appear on 1st Bath at Richard’s Red Rockets Glare studio in Culver City, California – all except for the version of “I Wanna See You Dance,” which was produced by Dave Trumfio (Wilco, OK Go, Built to Spill,The Mekons).

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Track Listing

  1. All The Other Girls
  2. Stop Playing With My Heart
  3. All Your Words Are Gone
  4. I Told You so
  5. Not Far To Go
  6. All The Things You Keep
  7. Medication
  8. I Want To See You Dance
  9. Whatever's On Your Mind
  10. Nobody Else
  11. Why Did I Leave You Behind
  12. Up Against A Wall