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Hologram Jams

Hologram Jams

Jaguar Love

Released: 03/02/2010

Catalog #: FP1209

  • CD $ 12.00
  • Vinyl $ 19.00
  • MP3 Download $ 9.00

I like to watch the city glow in the dark, down by the ocean flowing over backwards with blood. The stars are silent like forgotten guitars, pretty and anxious waiting for a glimmering song. Everything is going bad, I'm not worried.

1. I Started a Fire 
2. Polaroids and Red Wine 
3. Cherry Soda 
4. Don't Die Alone 
5. Up All Night  
6. Jaguar Warriors 
7. Everything Is Awesome 
8. Evaline 
9. Sad Parade
10. A Prostitute, An Angel 
11. Freak Out 
12. Piece of My Heart