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I Don't Know What To Feel EP

I Don't Know What To Feel EP

The Dove & The Wolf

Released: 03/24/2017

Catalog #: FP1605

  • Vinyl $ 19.00
  • MP3 Download $ 7.00

Despite their 13-year friendship—half of their lives at this point—and having played music together for much of that (although they only started writing as a team since 2012), Hayat feels this is only just the beginning for The Dove and The Wolf. Her childhood was spent playing with her brothers in banana fields on the Caribbean island of Martinique while Gil, a city kid, would save her spare cash from Christmas and birthdays to buy tickets to concerts in Paris. Even with an ocean between them, the two managed to form a friendship. Gil’s mother had met Hayat at a party and thought the teen reminded her of her own teenage daughter. She got Hayat’s internet info and encouraged the girls to chat online. They became fast friends and met two months later while Hayat was in Paris visiting her father. Hayat eventually moved to Paris when she was 16, but their distinct upbringings allowed each member of the band to think and react in different ways, musically and personally. Gil speaks swiftly and often. She laughs loudly and buoyantly. Hayat is more reserved, thoughtful in her sentiments. They both love singing Boyz II Men at karaoke. -

1. Are You Thinking of Me?
2. Green & Yellow
3. The Smell of Us
4. Seven Days
5. I Don’t Know What to Feel
6. Motion Sickness
7. Across the Atlantic