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King of the Beach


Released: 08/03/2010

Catalog #: FP1244

  • Vinyl $ 19.00
  • CD $ 12.00
  • MP3 Download $ 9.00
  • 10th Anniversary Edition - Purple Kush Vinyl + 7" $ 24.00

10 Year Anniversary Edition --- The King of the Beach reissue features a purple kush vinyl with alternate art that was originally slated to be the cover but eventually scrapped. It also includes a bonus 7" with "Mutant" and "Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Yr Heart)." 

In its quest for an endless summer, King of the Beach wears its California lineage with pride. It's major-key and resplendently colored, owing as much to Orange County skate-punk as it does to the Beach Boys.- Ian Cohen of Pitchfork 8.4/10

1. King of the Beach

2. Super Soaker

3. Idiot

4. When Will You Come?

5. Post Acid

6. Take on the World

7. Baseball Cards

8. Convertible Ballon

9. Green Eyes

10. Mickey Mouse

11. Linus Spacehead

12. Baby Say Goodbye

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