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Pee Wee Get My Gun

Pee Wee Get My Gun

T-Model Ford

Released: 05/20/1997

Catalog #: FP80303

  • CD $ 9.00 - $ 12.00
  • Vinyl $ 12.75 - $ 17.00
  • MP3 Download $ 6.75 - $ 9.00

When asked how many times he'd been to jail, T-Model responded, "I don't know. How many?" He seemed to think it might be a trick question. Upon realizing it was't, he answered to the best of his ability. "every Saturday night there for awhile."


1. Cut You Loose

2. T-Model Theme Song

3. Been a Long Time

4. Turkey and the Rabbit

5. Can't Be Touched

6. Nobody Gets Me Down

7. I'm Insane

8. Where You Been

9. Feels so Bad

10. Sugar Farm

11. Let Me In

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