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Someone New

Helena Deland

Released: 10/16/2020

Catalog #: LUM022

  • Milky Clear LP $ 16.50 - $ 22.00
  • Black LP $ 15.75 - $ 21.00
  • CD $ 9.00 - $ 12.00
  • Cassette $ 6.00 - $ 8.00
  • mp3 $ 7.50 - $ 10.00
Limited Edition Milky Clear Gatefold Vinyl
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1. Someone New
2. Comfort, Edge
3. Pale
4. Fruit Pit
5. Smoking at the Gas Station
6. Seven Hours
7. Truth Nugget
8. Dog
9. Lylz
10. Mid-Practice
11. Fill the Rooms
12. The Walk Home
13. Clown Neutral

A unique transformation occurs the moment a lover lays eyes on your bedroom for the first time: the room is suddenly, involuntarily no longer your own. Your curated “you” is subject to the impressions of the other, and you try hard to adopt this filter yourself, wondering what information the objects and their position suggest about you.If,in moments like these, the new gaze seems to almost conjure the room, a desperate question arises: what remains of the room without the other? With no external sources of appraisal or affirmation, where does the stuff of the self reside, and how does it take shape?

 These blood-deep paranoias set the stage for Helena Deland’s debut album, Someone New, an exploration of gender, power, time and the “self” that finds Deland in full control of her sound and style, even as she asks whether control is ever possible. The album was written and recorded over a period of two years, beginning with Deland’s guitar and expanding into a lavish sonic sphere that blends elements of hypnagogic pop and classic folk. Deland’s voice ties it all together, sometimes hushed in a whisper, sometimes shrouded in distortion, and sometimes full and clearbut always inviting the listener into her world.