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Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns

Released: 08/31/2010

Catalog #: FP1227

  • CD $ 12.00
  • Vinyl $ 19.00
  • MP3 Download $ 9.00

From this young Windy City group, retro-rock doesn't feel like a history class. Rummaging through 1970s glam, Phil Spector teen-pop, and Nuggets garage-punk with the youthful abandon of kids finding new toys in the attic, the Smith Westerns' self-titled debut exudes an earnestness almost as pure as its recording levels are deafening. Their simple, sweet choruses about boys and girls in love could spike the punch at a 1970s TV show (OK, "Freaks & Geeks"/"That '70s Show") school dance. Parent chaperones would be none the wiser.- Marc Hogan 7.7/101. Dreams


2. Boys Are Fine

3. Gimme Some Time

4. Girl In Love

5. We Stay Out

6. Tonight

7. Be My Girl

8. The Glam Goddess

9. Diamond Boys

10. My Heart