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Teenage Snuff Film

Teenage Snuff Film

Rowland S. Howard

Released: 03/06/2020

Catalog #: FP1735

  • LP $ 27.00
  • CD $ 12.00
  • mp3 Download $ 9.00

‘Teenage Snuff Film’ was the long awaited first solo album recorded and released by Rowland S.Howard in 1999. Rowland recorded the album at the Birdland & Sing Sing recording studios in Melbourne with longtime colleague and collaborator Mick Harvey contributing drums, organ and guitar and Brian Hooper on bass. The album was produced by Lindsay Gravina and engineered by James Mason & Jade Martin, and released to critical acclaim both here in Australia and internationally.

‘Teenage Snuff Film’ featured 8 original songs; ‘Dead Radio’, ‘Breakdown (and then...)’, ‘I Burnt Your Clothes’, ‘Exit Everything’, ‘Silver Chain’, ‘Undone’, ‘Autoluminescent’, ‘Sleep Alone’ and 2 cover versions; ‘White Wedding’ (Billy Idol) and ‘She Cried’ (The Shangri-Las).

Fat Possum Records are set to release a limited edition double vinyl set of the long out of print ‘Teenage Snuff Film’. This record is highly sought after by collectors, with rare copies appearing on eBay selling for huge $ amounts.

- Pressed on 180 g black vinyl

- 3 sided double album, with Side D featuring an etching of a Rowland illustration

- Brand new vinyl remaster from the original tapes October 2019 by Lindsay Gravina, who produced the album in 1999

- First American pressing of the album



1. Dead Radio

2. Breakdown (And Then…)

3. She Cried

4. I Burnt Your Clothes

5. Exit Everything

6. Silver Chain

7. White Wedding

8. Undone

9. Autoluminescent

10. Sleep Alone