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The Districts

Released: 07/08/2016

Catalog #: FP1433

  • Vinyl $ 17.00

“Telephone was originally released in June 2012 independently by The Districts when they were just sophomores in high school in Lititz, PA. The album had a handful of tracks including “Funeral Beds”, “Lyla” and “Long Distance” that helped the band garner attention outside of their small town following and eventually caught the ear of a few tastemakers in Philadelphia, including WXPN, as well as some prominent indie labels and music industry professionals across the nation. The band soon found a home in Fat Possum Records. After releasing a self-titled EP, featuring songs from Telephone along with a few new tracks, and their first full length LP on the label, A Flourish and A Spoil, they’ve decided to fulfill the many requests from fans across the world to put Telephone back into physical distribution and, for the first time, on vinyl. Telephone will be initially released exclusively in Philadelphia on limited edition clear vinyl at Creep Records and the band will play an in-store performance at 8PM at the store on July 8th.” – The Key

1. Lyla 

2. Where We Started 

3. Piano Song  

4. Long Distance  

5. Funeral Beds  

6. Call Box 

7. Sleepy Song Pt. 2 

8. Telephone 

9. Silver Couplets 

10. 4 & 4 

11. Sing Me Sweetly  

12. Take Me Home 

13. Wrung Out and Hanging (On West Coast Time)