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The Black Keys Live

The Black Keys Live

The Black Keys

Released: 10/04/2005

Catalog #: FP1027

  • DVD $ 12.00 - $ 16.00
The Black Keys are already widely known for their amazing live performances and non-stop world touring. This DVD contains a live performance from their 2005 Australian tour. As an extra incentive it’ll have 2 formally produced music videos (10 a.m. Automatic & Set You Free), exclusive interviews with Dan and Patrick, live photo gallery and an alternate camera angles option.

1. 10 A.M. Automatic
2. Thickfreakness
3. Girl Is On My Mind
4. All By Yourself
5. Busted
6. Stack Shot Billy
7. Set You Free
8. The Breaks
9. All Hands Against His Own
10. Till I Get My Way
11. Grown So Ugly
12. No Trust
13. Have Love Will Travel
14. Everywhere I Go
15. No Fun
16. The Desperate Man
17. Heavy Soul