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When I'm Called

Jake Xerxes Fussell

07/12/2024 | FP1839
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Release Description


When I’m Called is Fussell’s richest work to date, a slate of warm instrumental textures abetting his glowing guitar and weathered baritone. It sees him returning to a well of music that holds lifelong sentimental meaning, contemplating the passage of time and the procession of life’s unexpected offerings. When I’m Called is produced by James Elkington, mixed by Tucker Martine, and features contributions from Elkington (guitar, piano, dobro, synth, organ, pedal steel, mandola, harmonica, arrangements), Blake Mills (guitar), Joan Shelley (vocals), Ben Whiteley (bass), Joe Westerlund (drums, percussion), Robin Holcomb (vocals), Anna Jacobson (horns), Jean Cook (strings), and Hunter Diamond (woodwinds).

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Track Listing

1. Andy
2. Cuckoo!
3. Leaving Here, Don't Know Where I'm Going
4. Feeing Day
5. When I’m Called
6. One Morning in May
7. Gone to Hilo
8. Who Killed Poor Robin?
9. Going to Georgia