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A Ass Pocket of Whiskey cover

A Ass Pocket of Whiskey

R.L. Burnside

Released: 06/25/1996

Catalog #: FP1026

  • CD $ 12.00
  • Vinyl $ 19.00
  • MP3 Download $ 9.00

A Ass Pocket of Whiskey is a collaborative effort between well-known artists RL Burnside and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Recorded in a rented out hunters cabin near Holly Springs, Mississippi, both acts bring their best to the table with amps turned all the way up, drums pounding and R.L. and Jon Spencer screaming with their charismatic voices back and forth at one another. 

1. Going Down South

2. Boogie Chillen

3. Poor Boy

4. 2 Brothers

5. Snake Drive

6. Shake ‘em On Down

7. The Criminal Inside Me

8. Walkin’ Blues

9. Tojo Told Hitler

10. Have You Ever Been Lonely