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Drunk Moon Falling

Drunk Moon Falling

Jim Mize

Released: 01/04/2011

Catalog #: BLM0260

  • 7" Vinyl $ 5.00
Mize left home when he was in the ninth grade. Moved thirty miles away to a bad neighborhood and lived, for a time like a Lost Boy. But he got restless again. So he lied about his age, joined the Army, and spent a couple of years stationed in Germany, where he remembers, fondly, playing Waylon Jennings’s waltzes in a band with Germans. He got out, went to college, and took a claims adjuster job with an insurance company because it came with a car. You’ve never heard of him because that was almost thirty years ago, and he never quit.

A. Drunk Moon Falling
B. I Won’t Come Back Again