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Long Distance Call

Long Distance Call

R.L. Burnside

Released: 01/25/2019

Catalog #: FP1561

  • Vinyl $ 14.25 - $ 19.00

For the first time, the 1982 recordings in Groningen, Netherlands with Leo Bruin have arrived on vinyl. Here you find RL Burnside, alone with only his guitar and his voice. Showing off his skills even in his younger days, in the vein of John Lee Hooker and Fred McDowell.

1. Death Bells Ringing

2. Ramblin On My Mind

3. When My First Wife Left Me

4. Walking Blues

5. Long Distance Call

6. If You Don't Want Me Baby

7. Early In The Morning

8. Sweet Blank Angel

9. Short Haired Woman

10. 44 Pistol

11. Sat Down On My Bed and Cried